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33% - 65% per month
الحد الادنى/الأقصى: 50 / 250000
ربح الاحالة: 10%, 3%, 2%
السحب: لحظي
تقييم المستخدم:
الاستثمار الخاص بنا: $100.00
نسبة المدفوعات: 63%
أخر عملية دفع: Mar 20th, 2023
تم اضافته: Feb 10th, 2023
تم مراقبته: 44 يوم
مدة العمل: 47 يوم
A fresh and interesting game to check. The start was yesterday during the day. Nice design, interesting marketing :) You can earn money by buying and pumping carrots :) For registration we get one carrot as a Bonus, Which can be pumped up to level 50 Or buy a new one every 7 levels And also pump them. Here you have to calculate regarding your deposit amount I have 300 RUB, taking into account the Bonus for replenishment, managed to pump up to level 7. Buy 2nd and upgrade it to 3rd The total income will be: for 4.35 RUB per day = 1.45% / 43.5% per month The game has Surfing, Contest, Draws, Jack Pot. You can top up in any popular way. There are also many payment systems for withdrawal. I still recommend using Payeer Payments are instant.
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ملاحظة الادمن: الموقع يقوم باحتيال من نوع مختلف: يقوم بارسال فقط نصف المبلغ الذي قمت بسحبه و يخصم من رصيدك المبلغ بالكامل!!

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